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E-Days Update

I can hardly believe that freshman year is almost complete. In typical, end of the year fashion, I have no idea where the time went, but I have to say I’m excited for summer.

First things first, E-Days! With my first E-Days under my belt I can definitely say I now know what all of the hype is about. I kicked off the weekend on Thursday with the comedian. Each year, MAC (Mines Activity Council), brings in a different, awesome comedian, and this year we were fortunate enough to see Tig Notaro, who has been on Comedy Central. After the comedian I caught Mr. Big Digger, which is basically a beauty contest for guys. T’was hilarious from beginning to end, and it was especially funny to watch various professors judge the contest. Plus, one of the contestants belted out “Let it Go” perfectly, which kind of made my life.

Next came the Orecart Pull. Early Friday morning everyone who was up for the challenge gathered to wait for buses. We were fed essentially all-you-can-eat burritos and bussed to a random parking lot on Colfax Avenue, which runs straight from Golden into downtown Denver. Once everyone arrived, our police escort stopped traffic momentarily as we took over the right-lane of Colfax. Towards the end of the walk, I ran into my RA and some of my friends from my floor who were actually pulling the orecart. (The majority of people don’t pull the orecart as it only requires 20 people at most.) They encouraged me to join in, so I did! We pulled, scratch that, ran the orecart the last quarter mile or so up Capitol Hill, and were fortunate enough to sing the Mines school song on the steps of the capitol building.

If you’re still a little fuzzy on what the Orecart Pull is, here’s a little explanation and background info: It’s an E-days tradition in which students walk about eight miles to the capitol building in Downtown Denver. This is the official “kick-off” event for E-days.

I ducked out on some of the subsequent events to study for tests the following week, but to give you some of the highlights, there was a field day, carnival, and two concerts, one of which was 3OH!3. Galax-E-Days definitely lived up to the hype, and I can’t wait for next year!

My advice to you, don’t wait to buy a t-shirt! They go fast, as in a matter of hours fast. Likely, you’ll get an email saying E-days packets will be sold for two weeks. But, if you want a shirt, be in line on day one!

Also, do the Orecart Pull! It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life. How many people can say that they’ve pulled an orecart eight miles down Colefax Avenue straight to the capitol building? And, on that note, try to actually pull the orecart. It’s not hard, and it’s super cool to be able to say that you did.

Now to study for finals! I have four finals between Saturday and next Tuesday, so that translates into long days of studying around campus. At least Mines is full of prime study locations!

Until next time!


Off the plane and ready for adventure! After seeing our new favorite show, If/Then. (We're a little obsessed). He was in Nuff said. Getting ready for Galax-E-Days!

New York Adventure

Spring Break brought with it amazing memories. I flew out to New York with my friend Kathryn at the beginning of break. We landed in the big apple around 3 and were tasked with the challenge of finding some place to store our luggage until after our 8 pm show. (We planned to stay with Kathryn’s family in Manhattan, but they weren’t home until late that night.) Initially, we thought we had a perfect plan. Store our luggage at Penn Station and then set off to explore the city. Turns out that storing luggage at Penn Station hasn’t been a thing since 9/11. Makes sense. The man at the information desk gave us a weird look and handed us a flyer with nearby luggage storage businesses. We lugged our bags through the streets of New York until we finally arrived at one of the businesses. After handing over our luggage, and some dough, they informed us that they closed at 11. Seeing as our show, which was about 15 blocks north, would end around 10:30, we knew we had quite the challenge ahead of ourselves.

Accepting the challenge, we set out into the streets, luggage free and ready to explore. After an afternoon in Times Square, we found dinner and headed to see our first Broadway show of the week, Cinderella on Broadway. This was my second time seeing Cinderella, and it proved to be just as magical as the first. Though it’s a classic story, the Broadway production adds a modern twist with talk of democracy and a princess who controls her own destiny, making it extremely enjoyable to watch. As soon as the bows began, we rushed out of the theater and began sprinting (speed-walking) through Times Square in order to retrieve our luggage. After speed walking 15 blocks, we arrived at the luggage storage place with minutes to spare.  Luggage in hand, we headed toward the subway, all the while gushing over Cinderella.

Over our week in NYC, we managed to see five Broadway shows: Cinderella on Broadway, Mama Mia, If/Then, Matilda and The Lion King. We also watched Idina Menzel perform in If/Then and got our playbills autographed. We traversed the majority of Manhattan, went to the MOMA, and got lost in Grand Central Station (which is gorgeous). I’d say traveling to New York was a pretty stellar way to spend spring break.

Coming back to school was a little rough, especially after such a stellar, stress-free week in the Big Apple. But, being able to see all of my friends again made the transition a little bit easier. I ate some Café Rio, saw Chicago at the Denver Center, and went on the Peer Mentor retreat (so pumped for Oredigger Camp next fall—get excited first-years, get excited).

On top of all that, E-Days starts this Thursday! Everyone’s pretty stoked. I’ll let y’all know how it turns out.

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